Morocco’s Knitted Pants

Melting snow dripped from the eaves of the rammed-earth homes. My friend and I carefully picked our way through the slick mud of the narrow path that wound between the multi-storied buildings, trying our best to avoid the bone-chilling drops. Eventually, the path widened to a small square flanked on all sides by dwellings withContinue reading “Morocco’s Knitted Pants”

Men Who Knit: A High Atlas Knitting Tradition in Morocco

  “I learned to knit from my father, and he learned to knit from his father who learned to knit from his father going all the way back before people can remember. As far as I know, people have always knit here.” Hussein holds his skinny, double-pointed needles in his hands as he recounts whatContinue reading “Men Who Knit: A High Atlas Knitting Tradition in Morocco”

Spinning Yarn in Morocco’s High Atlas Tradition

Those who weave in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco are often proficient spinners, as well. From a young age, girls learn to spin all types of yarn to produce different kinds of textiles for the home. You can read a bit about High Atlas textile usage in this blog post here. However, as moreContinue reading “Spinning Yarn in Morocco’s High Atlas Tradition”